Monday, July 06, 2009

Carla Pires, Ilha Do Meu Fado, Ocarina

If Patsy Cline sang fado, which is to say her voice may not soar like Mariza's or have the near-operatic quality of Amália Rodrigues, although she played the young Amália in a musical about the life of the most famous of fadistas.

But it's a wonderful voice nonetheless (silvery is a word I want to use) made the more so by her skillful modulation of it.

Nice selection of songs with a range of tempos and a mix of both irony and melancholy. Aprende O Meu Coracao (Learn My Heart) is the kind of song Madeleine Peyroux might sing, if she sang fado. Guitarras only on the accompaniment, and a fine job of it they do, definitely a selling point for this disc. I particularly admire the pulse laid down in Fadista Louco and Alfama, not to mention the stellar soloing between the sung choruses. A fado CD not to be missed.

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