Friday, October 28, 2005

More Peterson alternatives

Here are disks from a three other bop, post-bop pianists who should probably get as much attention as Oscar Peterson.

Phineas Newborn Jr., "Here is Phineas," Koch. His version of "All the Things You Are," which starts out languidly classical and morphs from stride to bop and back is a wonder.

Herbie Nichols, "Love, Gloom, Cash, Love," Rhino. More than a little Art Tatum in his playing, he gives Bud Powell a run for his money and I don't doubt he could have been a concert pianist if so inclined. From "Too Close for Comfort" on, every track is powerful and inventive.

Bobby Timmons, "This Here is Bobby Timmons," Riverside/OJC. There's no version of "My Funny Valentine" I like more and none, I think, more clever. "This Here" plain rocks.

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