Sunday, May 15, 2005

The one in Stockholm

When I had the good folks at Cadence send me "The Music of Ernie Krivda" and the "Henry Grimes Trio Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival," my jazz CD of the year so far, I also had them send along "SURD, Live at the Glenn Miller Cafe," which, while it may sound like it's down almost any American street, is actually in Stockholm, the one in Sweden.

Haven't been there. Have been to Jazz Club Fasching in Stockholm and I can tell you from the experience the Swedes take their jazz seriously. No surprise then that David Stackenas, guitar, Fredrik Nordstrom, saxes, Filip Augustson, bass, and Thomas Stronen, drums, who make up SURD, put on a really fine display of free-oriented improvisational jazz with a touch of fusion here and there. A disk I'm certainly happy to have.

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