Monday, January 16, 2006

Lloyd's bloom

Song shuffled up on the Nano during the morning walk and I'm thinking, "That's some pretty interesting saxophone playing," starting out like it's swing before working into post bop and on toward the free end of things. Then the piano kicked in, powerful and intricate at the same time, and I'm thinking, "Must be from a Herbie Hancock disk." Wrong. "Forest Flower: Charles Lloyd Live at Monterey," Rhino, and the tune "Forest Flower '69," which is actually sort of a bonus track, about 17 minutes worth.

The version of "Forest Flower" that opens the set comes in two movements, "Sunrise" and, duh, "Sunset." I really do hear a sunrise in the sax and piano playing, the relatively slow, quiet beginning of a day and its transition this time of year from dark to light and (too quick in my life) to hustle and bustle. Likewise, sunset, with a little party after work's done and then sleepy time. The pianist, by the way, is Keith Jarrett. Wonderful CD.


Harsha said...

Just surfed in...nice music blog..

Mr. Greg said...

Thanks and thanks for reading.