Saturday, June 27, 2009

15 songs at random from my iTunes library... the Facebook behest of my friend Virginia Black.

I should do this more often.

1) Barrett's Privateers, 3 Pints Gone (maybe the best band name ever, great song, too); 2) Nutty, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane (At Carnegie Hall no less, how could you lose?); 3) Might As Well Be Spring, Sonny Stitt (how he could play the saxophone with such lyrical grace); 4) Round Midnight (and a delicious version of what is probably my favorite song, I might add), Kronos Quartet; 5) Song Of The Pharoah Kings, Return to Forever (a logical extension of Miles electric)

6) Trodin' Jah Road, Morgan Heritage (reggae didn't begin and end with Bob Marley); 7) I'll Say She Does, Six Brown Brothers (proto-jazz by a proto-World Saxophone Quartet, only a sextet); 8) Confirmation, The Modern Jazz Quartet (an elegant, naturally, reading of a Bird classic); 9) Jesus Christ, Woodie Guthrie (get over it, you conservative pigs, Jesus was, in fact, a laborer and a democratic socialist); 10) Martha Argerich and the Berlin Philharmonic, Prokofiev Piano Concerto #3 (she is one wicked piano-playing chick)

11) Crepuscule, Django Reinhardt (no one, and I mean no one, played the guitar like him before or since); 12) Work In Progress, Stephen Scott (elements of Monk and Herbie Nichols, he's one jazz pianist on the scene today who should be more appreciated, I dug him when he played with Sonny Rollins); 13) You Torture My Soul, John Lee Hooker (him and his guitar at Sugar Hill, all by their lonesome, you don't need no more); 14) Fables Of Fabus, Iswhat?! (a thoroughly worthy hip hop-inflected homage to Mingus, who I think would have appreciated it); 15) The Lamp Is Low, Booker Ervin (fitting that one of Mingus' favorite saxophonists follows)

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