Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Candye's ... a good singer

I'm calling Candye Kane's "The Toughest Girl Alive," Bullseye Blues & Jazz, jazzy blues with gospel and country tinges. In the best tradition of Ma Rainey, Big Momma Thornton and Bessie Smith, her songs may be racy (one of them is titled "Let's Commit Adultery") but I figure you can send the kids and the fundamentalists out of the room when you play this CD. The latter don't like to have a good time anyway, so the disk would be wasted on them. Some songs, like "Highway of Tears" and "Get Happy," are pretty much straight jazz. Another attraction: she's got a heck of a backing band with some good boogie-woogie piano and hot trumpet and tenor sax (see "Je N'en Peux Plus Sans Ma Cadillac"), in addition to bluesy guitar playing. Fun stuff I found through The Roadhouse podcast.

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