Monday, March 20, 2006

Greek to me

From my hotel's coin-operated Internet terminal in windy and cold London, where it may rain today but there's always a warm pub around the corner and a proper room-temperature beer.

After I arrived Friday, I took the tube to Islington and made a bit of a hike to hear Greek saxopohonist Dimitri Vassilakis and his trio at the Vortex Jazz Club. Dimitri is obviously familiar with Sonny Rollins. I liked his original stuff better than the standards he covered. It's a little odd hearing a Greek guy do "Moanin'" and sing as well as play a song that obviously has roots in spirituals and the black church. He improvised off it nicely, however.

Saturday, I found a used copy of Miles Davis' "Star People" at Ray's Jazz for £5, which thrilled me. Sunday, I bought what is probably an illicit Bunk Johnson CD for £2.99 at the Petticoat Lane Market. I feel a little bad about that. Then again, Bunk's long gone so I don't think I'm taking food out of his mouth. He probably didn't get paid when he made the recordings either, more is the pitty.

Tonight, I think I'll Tube up to the Jazz Cafe and see the Art Ensemble of Chicago, ironic given that I can drive a couple hours and see them in Chicago whenever.

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