Thursday, November 10, 2005

Music to drink by

They say J.T. Brown sometimes sounded like a bleating goat when he played his saxophone and I can tell you from the 20-track Delmark compilation of Brown recordings "Windy City Boogie" that he was sure no technician.

So why do I love this CD then? In the movie "Diner," a favorite of mine, in one of my favorite scenes, a character takes his buddy, who's getting married, to a seedy burlesque bar where a blues-heavy jazz combo is playing and they have some drinks, laugh, commiserate, mull over the vagaries of life and end up in an all-night eatery trading philosophy with one of the dancers.

The music on "Windy City Boogie" could have been the soundtrack. It's down and dirty bluesy jazz or jazzy blues, the kind you might sit around with your friends and get happy drunk to, talk about anything and everything, and laugh a lot. Brown could blow up an atmosphere and the CD includes some good blues singing and guitar playing and tasty boogie-woogie piano as well. Heck, you could even dance to it. But keep your clothes on.

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