Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Listening to Les

Lots of Les Paul stuff out in conjunction with the guitar master's
landmark 90th birthday and I chose "The Best of the Capital Masters:
90th Birthday Edition," which has Paul, who made his name as a jazz
guitarist, accompanying wife Mary Ford, certainly a pleasant singer in
a Lawrence Welk Show kind of way, which isn't at all hard for me to sit
through to get the pretty amazing Les Paul guitar playing behind and
around it.

Les positively rocks on "In the Mood," "Brazil" and "Avalon" and
there's both peppy guitar work and singing on a nice version of "How
High the Moon." Mary even gets a little bluesy on "Hummingbird." My
personal highlight: "Whispering," which is like Les Paul playing Art
Tatum on the electric guitar. A nice disk if you want to hear why Les
Paul is just as notable a guitarist as a guitar and sound gear inventor
and a fun CD in general.


Janet said...

Hi Greg!

You've brought back memories of my childhood with this post. My father loved Les Paul & Mary Ford -- and admired his recording techniques, which I understand were advanced for the time.

I am a big fan of Earl Klugh. One of my favorite surprises on TV one night -- was it on A&E or BET, maybe? -- was a duet between Les Paul and Earl Klugh. Heaven!



Mr. Greg said...

As far as I can tell, Earl Klugh and Les Paul have not recorded together. Too bad, I think that would be a cool pairing.