Monday, September 19, 2005

Brother Jack re-enters

I've got enough disks from Champaign-Urbana native and Hammond B-3 master Jack McDuff, variously a captain and a brother, that I had pretty much decided not to buy any more until I saw the Savoy reissue "The Re-entry" earlier this summer. At $9.99, I'd have been tempted in any event. But the presence of Bridgewater brothers Cecil, trumpet, and Ron, saxophone, who also hail from C-U, made it a must.

The 1988 session recorded by no less than Rudy Van Gelder opens with the lively "Cap'n Jack" and McDuff in great form. I guarantee you will be boogie shaking your butt. Even the ballads, such as "One Hundred Years," and the blues, like "Blues for 'Paign," are toe tapping. (You do get a soulful, slow burner in "Laura.") Houston Person also plays tenor on the CD and John Hart and Grady Tate do fine guitar and drum work. A bargain.

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