Saturday, July 30, 2005

What a set of pipes!

Want a Rufus Harley CD? Who doesn't? Check out "The Pied Piper of Jazz" from Label M if you can find it. He plays with Sonny Stitt and Don Patterson on one track and does some decent soprano and tenor sax, plus flute, playing besides bagpiping. Personally, I think a guy who can argue something like a funky bossa nova out of the bagpipes deserves a hand.


Joe M said...

I've never been able to get with Harley's playing. I have the Label M cd in question, and it just strikes me as that very dated late 60's stuff Atlantic was doing at the time, more novelty than good music. I guess someone had to be the world's top jazz bagpipist, so I applaud him for that.

By the way, did you read about his unusual health practices in the liner notes?

Mr. Greg said...

I certainly don't think Rufus is high art. A bagpiper acquaintence of mine says he isn't even a great piper. But I think the "Piped Piper of Jazz" is a fun listen every once in awhile.

Harley is a vegetarian and makes himself vomit daily.