Friday, October 23, 2009

Mariza, Live In London, Silva Screen

An Interesting contrast to Concerto Em Lisboa, which comes along a few years later. In baseball terms, she's all fastball here, a young power pitcher who awes with all the speed (or volume in this case) in the world.

Now, she has a breaking ball (more than one actually) and an uncanny command and placement of the off-speed pitch, in short impressive subtlety mixed with all that power and passion and, in addition, a much more complimentary command of her body movements.

Which is not to say this isn't going to get you all teary eyed in places, like Barco Negro, an absolute fado classic, or O Deserto. You look at that face on Primavera and you be will if you have a heart at all. I think Ó Gente Da Minha Terra is really cool jazz-infused fado. Há Festa Na Mouraria, if you ask me, gets to the very essence of fado. I love her madly. Sue me.

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