Friday, July 20, 2007

Bennie Wallace, Disorder at the Border, Justin Time

Coleman Hawkins songs and songs associated with Hawkins. Captures that bluesy Kansas City sound John Hammond heard, notably in Count Basie's band, as an antidote to the stagnation of swing, but in a thoroughly modern way.

Wallace's sax accommodates the advances of Rollins, Coltrane, Shorter, et al, (not to mention Hawk, Ben Webster and Ike Quebec) but in a voice of his own. Some memorable trumpet soloing from Terell Stafford and nice ensemble playing overall. The program progresses like a wonderful narrative story, with the tendency to captivate, right down to a great ending in Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.


Janet said...

Hi Greg,

I learned about Justin Time records on my first trip to Montreal about 3 years ago, and I bought a few of their samplers on that trip. Interesting label, aren't they?


Mr. Greg said...

Hi Janet. David Murray alone makes it an interesting label and they've got other consistently brilliant artists in the fold as well (Billy Bang, Hamiet Bluiett, Hugh Ragin and the WSQ among them).