Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bird dreams

After I attended the marvelous Art Ensemble of Chicago concert in London in March I dreamt about it. However, while the video of the performance, so to speak, was quite vivid, the music wasn't. In fact, I don't recall ever dreaming music very vividly, until recently.

I've been having dreams lately about Charlie Parker's music, no images, just the music, rendered in stunning detail. Of course, I have been listening to a lot of Charlie Parker lately during my waking hours, but I still think the way I'm dreaming about his music says something about just how great a musician he was. OK, maybe I am weird. Either that or Charlie Parker's ghost is haunting me.


Janet said...

Hi Greg,

AHHHHH...if you're weird, so am I. I do the same thing sometimes. It usually happens to me either if I've seen somebody in concert OR if I've gone into listening overload, specifically to one artist or group.

Interesting. I didn't know that happened to anybody else.

I often wish I could capture the audio of those dreams, too, because I think the "arrangements" are sometimes quite intriguing!



Mr. Greg said...

Hello Janet. I'd like to have a recording of the dream music from Charlie Parker I've been hearing as well. It's far more pristine than a lot of the real recordings I have, almost like hearing it live, which I find a little disconcerting.